National Leaders of Education

NLEs are outstanding headteachers who work with schools in challenging circumstances to support school improvement.

Because their support role will often include members of their own staff, the school of a national leader of education is called a national support school.

You should contact an NLE if you want to improve performance at your school. They will meet with the headteacher and senior staff from your school to discuss the challenges you face and what help is needed. Their work will be tailored in partnership with you.

They can get involved in different ways, including:

  • working with your school alongside their staff
  • working with your school on their own
  • their staff working with your school under their initial direction

Contact an NLE

  • You can contact the NLE directly or through Rebecca Pass at Teaching School Office,


  • There may be costs, depending on what type of support you need. Any payments will be negotiated between you and the NLE’s school.

Time commitment for you and your staff

  • This is a very intensive form of support. The length and type of work can vary significantly. It could involve up to 3 to 4 days of support per week for 2 years or more.

About our NLEs

Anna Coulson

Executive Headteacher, St Bede’s Primary Catholic Voluntary Academy 

Kinga Pusztai

Headteacher, Newcomen Primary School